Best Detergent for Dark Clothes

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What are the Best Detergent for Dark Clothes

Woolite Dry Cleaner's Secret Dry Cleaning Cloths, 14-Count Box
Dry Cleaner’s Secret

Clean and freshen your dry-clean-only clothes at home in just 30 minutes with Dry Cleaner’s Secret. This 14 sheet box cleans up to 56 garments, saving you over $200 on your dry cleaning.

Buyers Guide
  • “It cleans and refreshes clothes and saves so much time and money over dry cleaning.” – Linda F. Ausiello
  • “I used it on my dress pants, light sweaters, it worked great.” – Alex Garcia Calipusan
  • “It is easy to use, just throw a sheet in the dryer on medium setting for 10 minutes and it refreshes your clothes.” – Patricia Shearon

Woolite Darks Laundry Detergent, 50 Ounce

Extra Dark Care is specially formulated to effectively clean and care for your dark clothes.

  • “Woolite dark really does keep dark colored clothes from fading.” – nikle714
  • “It has a great smell and your clothes come out clean and looking great.” – Jennifer L. Nale
  • “The main idea is, it cleans clothes with out fading the colors.” – arun

Woolite Everyday Laundry Detergent, 50 Ounce

Woolite Everyday effectively cleans & cares for your clothes.

Customer Reviews
  • “The clothing that I washed with Woolite came out clean and the colored clothing came out bright and new looking.” – Megan Goodnight
  • “Woolite laundry detergent for everyday use – this is good quality laundry detergent, and it gets the clothes clean.” – Andrea
  • “I am writing this review based on a sample I received from Woolite, what a great product!” – CGrad

Woolite For All Delicates Laundry Detergent 16 Ounce (Pack of 4)

Woolite Extra Delicates Care is a gentle washing liquid, specially formulated to take care of your delicate garments in the wash. It can be used for machine washing in the gentle cycle, or for hand washing delicate fabrics such as silk and wool.

Consumer Reviews
  • “I use the Woolite for Dark Clothes for jeans and other casual clothes, and will continue to use Woolite For All Delicates as well.” – Bold Consumer
  • “It cleaned the clothes well and left a nice after scent to it.” – Sherry Berry
  • “Guess I felt confident about this product.” – Brenda Frank

Forever New Liquid Ovacion 16 oz
Forever New

Clothes are expensive. You want them to look, feel and fit like new for as long as possible. Ovacion will help keep the fit and shape of your favorite garments, revitalizing and restoring normal wear and tear of clothing especially in the neck, sleeves, cuffs and waistband.

Consumer Reports
  • “I use it for all my delicate lingerie, hosiery, sweaters, etc.” – mymaryjanes
  • “Like the powder, it cleans beautifully without residue and leaves a nice scent.” – Mugi
  • “I really hope the product is still going to be available in future but just in case I’ve been buying up every bottle I can find.” – Sophia Loren

Miele / Henkel : Persil Megaperls Color European Laundry Detergent - 40 loads

Special wash powder for dark colored

Product Research
  • “I was quite surprised when I discovered how little Persil detergent I needed to get our clothes cleaner than ever before (which is also good for the environment).” – Snow-white
  • “One box will last a VERY long time as I only need about 1 Tablespoon of detergent per load as I have soft water.” – C. Wells
  • “My clothes come out looking, smelling, and feeling great.” – hardybe

Ivory Snow Ultra Powder Detergent 15 Loads 19 Oz (Pack of 3)

Ivory snow powder – The one gentle care detergent for All your fine washables

Customer Reviews
  • “Ivory Snow is a great detergent for sensitive skin, which is why it has long been the first choice for use on baby clothes and bedding.” – Deborah Collin
  • “I also LOVE the smell; it’s hard to describe but has a fresh powdery “baby blanket” smell about it.” – D. Last
  • “I even use it for my clothes sometimes and works great.” – Mila

OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover 14 lbs
Oxi Clean

OxiClean is a powerful stain remover that can be used in a variety of ways. Add a scoop to every load of laundry for a great laundry booster that is both color-safe and chlorine free.

Detergent for Dark Clothes Reviews
  • “The ONLY product I have ever bought off an infomercial!” – busymom
  • “I find that it’s much more effective than your typical liquid bleach.” – L. Parks
  • “OxiClean is the only stain remover I have ever tried that actually works.” – Cecilia B. Sepp

Woolite Travel Laundry Soap - 20 Packs

10 packages per box.

Consumer Reports
  • “Woolite works great for washing clothes in hotel sinks while traveling.” – Joe MacBu
  • “Socks, undies, bras and shirts came out perfect!” – Karen Hadley
  • “I would highly recommend these to anyone traveling.” – itseabitsea

Cheer 2x Ultra Liquid HE Fresh Clean Scent, 64-Load, 100-Ounce(Pack of 4)(Packaging May Vary)

2x Ultra Cheer HE Fresh Clean Scent. Stay Colorful. Cheer is made for colorful clothes.

  • “As far as performance of the detergent… Seems to be on par with Tide or any of the other big brand names.” – D. Wortham
  • “I can never find the Cheer HE.” – Brenda Martinez
  • “The top got smashed on one of the containers, and it spilled in the poly bag it was enclosed in, but other than that, all was perfect.” – Roderick W. Shirley

Suggestions of the Best detergent for dark clothes

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